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Here is my feedback page! Here i would like to post all feedback that is sent to me from previous customers of Cymru-Corns! Also feedback from visitors to the site are very welcome too!

(Thanks you all very much for taking the time, its very must appreciated)




e.g   John Smith - Liking the website!


Had a beautiful corn snake off Jamie at cymru corns! Very helpful & good price too :) Very happy, thanks Jamie


Hi Jamie... the 'Lady Lavender' I had off you a little while back is doing great... still drop feeds and not strike feeds, but she's a stunning snake and I'm really happy with her. Hoping to breed from her this year if all goes well. Brill site... Congrats.... Janine


Michael of Bury ,Gtr Manchester. I have bought 2 beautiful , healthy , stunning looking snakes from Cymru Corns . He's a fab bloke to deal with as well , which is nice ..... always available if you have any queries . I visit the site every few days just to check on the new snakes for sale. LOL


Brill site, gorgeous snakes. got my eye on a few and some of the poss outcomes for 2011. keep up the good work tammie


Hey Jamie! Mew the ultramel anery i had off you not too long ago is great! Healthy, happy and of course beautiful; brill snake, thank you :D Erin


Jamie is a top bloke, incredibly knowledgable and helpful. I'm so pleased with my corn I got from Jamie, beautiful and healthy. Collecting her was such a treat as Jamie is incredibly welcoming and was kind enough to show me his collection. Jamie has such a passion for corn snakes and I think its great that he's able to share that with everyone. My only critisim is that he makes me want more... :( LOL!! Amy


i got my 2 corns from jamie in december and they are both stunners!!!! my anery lavender has just shed and is even more gorgeous than he was :) thanx jamie :} rachel


Bought a stunning 09 female golddust motley off Jamie, very very happy, stunning snake , lovely temperament and in lovely condition, and Jamie was easy and very pleasent to deal with, would highly recommend. Thank you again Jamie, she is a beauty!!! Nicky


I have just bought 4 stunning Corns from Jamie. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they also have fantastic temperaments. They arrived by courier in fantastic condition. I am sure I will be back for more! Thanks again Jamie :) Louise.


Had 2 beautiful corns from Jamie, Both are in awsome condition very well looked after. I will be buying from Jamie again and I recommend him to everyone. Thank you Jamie. Gem. :)


Hi Jamie, just thought I would give you a quick update on the little lady. She is doing absolutely great and I am in love with her! She has fed perfectly every time including a little constriction on the past two feeds! :D She did finally shed with me but it was a bit messy, she struggled but between us we got there in the end and now she is fine again. She is around 13.5 inches, and growing so quickly now, she is currently weighing 11g so putting on weight too! I love her so much and I couldnt be happier! She has the worlds best temperament for a hatchling, she is really calm and chilled an never dashes off anywhere, so much so she is currently making her way accross my bed via my laptop charger wire. She has never once been grumpy since I got her home and she bit me, she is just always looking to explore of snuggle up and go to sleep on me. She is absolutely perfect and I really could not be happier!! :D So thank you so much!:P
Speak soon, Tiffany and Lacey! xD

Hiya Jamie.
Just thought I'd let you know the corns are doing great. All on small mice and eating with no probs.
One of the Hypo's is in blue and I can't wait to see how he looks after shed. Really exciting.
PS I may be getting a new corn in a few weeks time. A snow :) shhhhhh, it's a secret lol
Hi bud . Just thought I'd congratulate you on the general "look" of the site , real classy feel to it . Incidentally the FORUM seem to be slightly LOST on the HomePage as it appears about halfway down the page . It took me a while to even find the forum part . Also , is there a link to the forum anywhere ? The links I can see are things like ....Contact us , Home , Gallery etc. Maybe needs a quick link to the forum , then we are good to go. LOL
^ ^ Cheers Mate! I was actually thinking the same thing! All Done now! :) Cheers Jamie
Hi Jamie, I thought I'd let you know how my bloodred, Basil is doing.My Mum picked him up from her friend Barbara Anderson (Glasgow)last weekend so been with us since Sunday. Thank you so much for him, he is gorgeous and I'm .really pleased to have a snake again. He fed last night no problems. You can see a pic of him on the corn Snake forum. Thanks again. Laura Dunn
All hatchies are now settled in. As always they are all stunning, More than happy with tham. I am just going to have a look on the for sale page. Thanks again Jamie will keep you upto date on how they are doing and look forward to buying again. :-)
Thank you so much for my corn snakes they are absolutely beautiful. They are so beautiful and thank you Jamie for being really helpful.....i will let you know how they get on etc .....Thank you Suzanne
Hey Jamie just wanted to say a big thankyou for my lil Hypo Motley pickup from Donnie he is an absolute pleasure hes stunning and has an awesome personality i look forward to my next purchase from you lol





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