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 Made some reductions as need some room! Grap a bargain! Offers welcome!



Anery Lavender (Moonstone) 07 Male 590g (Stunning snake and great size)

Proven breeder may times! Not many of these around!

Asking £200 Now £140  (Not in a rush to sell as can use him again next season if dont sell)

Also pics of offspring below! 


 Goldust Motley het Stripe 09 Female  (Now Sold)

Lovely female with great motley patten!

Asking £100 (Breed to a butter stripe male to produce Goldust Stripes)


Granite ph Amel Male 08 190g

Very nice snake and size

Asking £70  (Now £55)

(Breeding potental: Bloodreds,Anerys,Granites, poss Avalanche, Snows, Fires)



Plasma het Hypo 2010 Female  (On Hold)

Stunning girl with awesome diffusion!

Asking £80 (no offers on the girl as really dont mind keeping)



Snow Motley het/homo Hypo Stripe (I believe it is Coral Snow Motley) 2010 male

Great colour developing on him

Asking £50





Lavender het Amel Bloodred Stripe 2010 male

Lovely Lavender with great potental (Plasma stripes, Opal bloodred stripe to name a few)

Asking £60 





Hypo ph Anery Lavender Bloodred 2010 male (Now Sold)

Great bright snake

Asking £40 



Lavender het Anery Bloodred Male   (On Hold)

Stunning colour on him

Asking £70


Amel het Bloodred Stripe ph Lavender Hypo Anery Male

Stunning Amel with loads of breeding potential 65g

Asking £50 (Donated to fulbrook middle school)

Breeding potenial: Amels, Fires,Bloodreds, Amel stripes, Fire stripes, Bloodred stripes, poss Plasma, Hypo Plasmas, Plasma Ghosts, Plasma/Hypo plasma stripes,Hypo Avalanches, Hypo Avalanch stripes, Ghost Lavenders/Stripes, The list goes on!!


Sunkissed het Amel ph Anery Female 2010

Nice girl with typical sunkissed temp

Asking £40

Breeding potential: Sunkissed, Inferno (Amel Sunkissed), Poss Snow, Sunkissed Snow, Sunkissed Anery 


Lava Het Amel Pair 09  (Stunning Pair and very bright)

 Asking £100 Pair   (Now £50)

(Breeding potenial: Lavas, Amels, Lavamels)


Fluorescent Amel het Anery Motley 09 male

He is a very bright boy with great colouring

Asking £50 (Now £45)

(Breeding potenial: Selective breeding to make fluorescent orange, Amels,Anerys, Snows, Amel Motleys, Anery Motleys, Snow Motleys)


Hypo Motley het Lavender ph Stripe 09 Pair (Also another stunning pair)

 Asking £100 for the pair  (On Hold)

Will get some better pics tomorrow!

(Breeding potenial:Hypo Motleys, Lavender Motleys, Hypo Lavender Motleys, poss Lavender Stripes, Hypo Lavender Stripes)


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